1.Credit card

Visa card, Master card and JCB are accepted online the store. ( Not include debit card and prepaid card)


2.  Western Union ( very fast) 

We prefer Western Union Transfer, it's very fast and safe.

Please check the website of Western Union to have more information about the money transfer

website link

Please contact us for the western union account information.

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How to send money online with western union:

3. Money Gram ( very fast) 

Money Gram  transfer is safe, fast and convenient. If you use this way to transfer money, 

prices will be lower, and funds are usually available within minutes. 

You can simply click to get more information.



Please contact us for the money gram account information.

Imessage/ whatsapp: +8618105948885

snapchat: flightkickz_net

kik: flightkickz_net

Gmail: [email protected]